is a combination of mechanics,
electronics & powerful software
is a combination of mechanics,
electronics & powerful software

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How does it work?

Mechanoreceptors in our skin are sensitive to pressure, vibration, and shear stresses, making us feel when we touch. Thanks to the mapping of receptor stimuli, using Hapling, we can feel the illusion of touch and a new virtual physicality.

Hardware-wise, the actuator connects to a physical and perceptual engine that goes much beyond classic haptic rendering.
Software-wise, we build an integrated platform from where haptic sensations can be easily developed and implemented. We store in our Haptic Library.

The Haptic Library is regularly updated with new tactile experiences and it’s easily accessible in a form of Plugins or DLL.

However, the best results are achieved with haptic feedback designed for specific user interaction.

Emphasized interactions between users, better remembering during training, sensory exploration of virtual worlds – each of these visions and goals requires an individual approach to the haptic design.

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Hapling in use

Hapling has been tested by user groups twice, in 2021 and 2022. The ring was received very positively, and what’s more, the team managed to gain very valuable user feedback.

The research shed new light on how users perceive virtual tactile experiences, how they react to them, and what is needed to further improve the illusion of touch in virtual reality.

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Ongoing projects

We propose a technology transfer experiment to enable health professionals to remote control a humanoid robot using a novel haptic interface.

This represents a tech transfer from the robotics and game market into healthcare where health professionals can use a humanoid robot to perform care tasks.

We develop a demonstrator that seeks to showcase that a humanoid robot with little training can be utilized to perform multiple tasks and assist people in need.

The project aims to support hospital and clinic employees in their work.

The medical workers are carrying out tasks that require the use of physical work, which, after many years, affects their bodies causing damage to their own health.

For this purpose, a combination of a powerful robotic arm with a sensitive haptic interface is being developed. The idea is to help the operator of a precise machine to examine the patient’s body with the utmost care.

Playable demos

Flying Things

Something for piloting and DIY enthusiasts. Construct your own plane and fly it to the skies!

Feel the sensations of engine operation, spray painting, water or stones. Pick the parts by using gesture recognition! The haptics give the player hints as to whether they correctly match the parts of the plane. Demo was created together with Giant Lazer.

Escape Room

Discover the potion recipe that will help you break free from this crazy laboratory.

In this demo, you can enjoy the sensations of casting a spell, touching a ghost, or petting a friendly flame. When discovering the recipe, certain objects may feel different than others.

Free the Bunny

Trapped bunny in the middle of the forest? Help him – pay attention to the hints and answer a tricky riddle correctly to open the cage.

In this demo, we combine the haptic sensations with the realistic sound of a given interaction, increasing the immersion. Feel the difference between water and rock, bee sting and soft rabbit fur.

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